Why should you feel bull-ish about XCADEMY?

XCADEMY (XCAD Network) is the Ethereum-Zilliqa powered-blockchain built for influencers and their fan-base.

XCAD is the blockchain bridge topped with Zilliqa’s scalability that tokenises YouTubers while rewarding their fans — XCAD is a true DeFi solution for content creator monetization!

Why is XCAD the 100X + project?

TheDAOMaker sale success transferred over to Gate.io sale which was 130X oversubscribed.

2. #KSI & #MrBeast as Investors: the most popular YouTubers invested into $XCAD.

Since then similar profile YouTubers started to show support for the project. A couple of these include:

3. Strong advisory board: (and partners) with Zilliqa founders forming a mutual beneficial alliance to boost mainstream adoption. Read article here.

Members of the advisory board include:

4. Strong Tokenomics: with 9,980,000 initial circulating tokens from a total supply of 200M tokens.


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